Some of the more obvious questions

web design
How Much Does A Website Cost?
No two websites are the same; a modest blog is understandably cheaper than a 500 page Content Management System. For that reason it’s not helpful or possible to speculate about prices publicly until the details of the project are available. Before work begins, we calculate exactly what you need from your website: page quota, content management, SEO, image editing and so on. A proposal of a fixed price for everything discussed and that price will change only if the project expands.
How Long Will It Take To Build The Website?
As with price, a nebulous issue until all the details are ascertained. A large part of the build process is materials and client participation. Normally the faster clients respond or make decisions the quicker completion is achieved.
Preparation For The Website?
Everything that might be considered relevant and want to use, photographs, design / layout inspirations, favorite websites and competitors. See this guide (pending) for a more details.
Where Can I Find Royalty Free Images
A Google search for royalty free images will reveal dozens of sites that deal in images. To start you off have a look at istock, 123rf, free images at pixabay, clip art Public Domain Clip Art.
Do You Redesign Or Update Old Websites?
Yes, visual or functional improvements can be made, depending on the objective. Sometimes it can be quicker and cheaper to rebuild and transfer content to a new site than try to fix what cannot be fixed.
Can I See The Site While In Development?
Yes, the site files will be published on a serve connected to the internet so that they can be perused. Although on a public network, private viewing is ensured by means of a password locked area. That facility will be available until the site is completed.
When Can I See The Mobile Version?
When the site is hosted on development the site (see above) it will be full visible on mobile devices presuming that feature has been completed.