Redesign to incorporate new features and increase performance

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Website Redesign

If you are giving consideration to updating an existing website, probably there is one or numerous performance issue(s). Possibly because of design, layout, functionality or all of these factors. Loss of sales and or enquiries is a clear indicator.

As with many aspects of our modern culture, trends and fashions change quickly. With so many visitor choices, websites have to perform to the expectations of the target audience.

A complete redesign may be extreme. Sometimes performance improvements can often be applied depending on the existing site. An example would be where current host is proving to be inadequate. Relocation to another, more powerful host would address that issue.

There are additional techniques which can boost performance without breaking the bank.

Website Redesign Workflow

Typical redesign workflow would be as follows.

The first issue to address is what are the business objectives and why the existing site does not achieve those objectives.

Discovering the existing issues, performance bottlenecks and general user issues and make recommendations.

Outline a general layout and if satisfactory can continue development and be coded into a working example.

Development into fully fledged application, testing to establish all aspects are functioning correctly. If there are no further additions or changes features are locked and production environment planned.

Establish production server and ancillary features (email transport for instance) and product launch.

Post launch monitoring, support and further marketing strategies implemented